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Stories of Trondheim

Hi there and thanks for reading my blog! A world full of stories awaits you! On this site you can expect to find a few different types of blog posts. In essence they can be split up in two categories: my own stories and stories of other people.

My stories

In the first category you will find stories about my undertakings in Trondheim. They are blog posts full of:

  • My anecdotes
  • My opinions
  • Descriptions of events I went to in Trondheim
  • Tips for other expats
  • Updates of my struggle to find work here
  • Updates of how I’m making new contacts here
  • Many, many, many, Meny bad jokes..

Meny Trondheim

Stories of different kind of people in Trondheim

In the second category you will find interviews of different interesting people I met in Trondheim. They will share their thoughts and opinions about the city, their favorite anecdotes and tips and tricks regarding their respective field. I will try to interview people across many different fields, such as:

  • Culture
  • Nature
  • Business
  • Student life
  • PhD research
  • Media
  • Technology

Interview Mrudhula Koshy Stories of Trondheim

Why did I start this blog?

I started this blog because I want to get to know Trondheim and the people in it. This is pretty important to me, since I will be living here at least 3,5-4 years if everything goes well. I never moved abroad before and I don’t know anyone here except my girlfriend. So this is pretty exciting…and a little frightening to be honest.

Working on this blog will also motivate me to be more outgoing; because of this blog I need to go to a lot of events and meet lots of new people. I want to make many friends here and want to create a network of interesting professionals. Also, by interviewing different kind of people, I can see Trondheim through different pairs of eyes. This will broaden my view of the city and will eventually help to make my decision if I want to stay here indefinitely or not.

Last but certainly not least: I really want to continue my passion for writing and content creation. As a copywriter my fingers are itching to get back to work again. I hope that you enjoy reading my stories as much as I love writing them! If you have a great story or anecdote about living in Trondheim, please contact me. Because remember:

Stories of Trondheim


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